GRUMA was founded in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Mr. Roberto González Barrera, and his father Mr. Roberto M. González Gutiérrez founded GRUMA in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The company's incorporation solved the problem of preserving the "nixtamal" dough for the preparation of tortillas, Mexicans' staple food.  

This innovative product could be preserved for extended periods to be used on demand. Furthermore, it facilitated the tortilla manufacturing because the process was simplified since the flour just had to be mixed with water to prepare the dough. In short, it meant significant time and labor savings  which benefited people, A long journey began in search of improvements to Mexicans' nutrition.

Molinos Azteca, our first "nixtamal" corn flour production plant, began operations on Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon, with 45 employees who worked over three shifts to manufacture about 150 tons of products per month